What is Woofermagazine ?

“Woofermagazine was born in May 2020 on Instagram.

At first it was a personal way to investigate photography and social networks. On Instagram there are an infinite number of images and almost all the photographers, even the best known, have ended up on the network. So I was wondering if something could really be done that went beyond the likes, create a hub capable of sharing quality content and capable of attracting a large audience. I soon became convinced that it was possible and also that it was an instrument to give visibility to photographers who, due to mysteries of the divine algorithm, have excellent work but are little recognized. I can tell you that there are many extraordinary photos that go completely unnoticed. As of this writing, there are 861,000 photos tagged #woofermagazine on Instagram and I have personally reviewed at least 80% of them. In addition, I conduct a research paper daily to find photos that I am convinced stand out. Now, after three years, I think the time has come for this project to free itself from the limitations that a social network can entail and go one step further.

So we are ready to launch this web page where we are going to try to create a personal map that can be used by everyone, to orient themselves in our society where images have a predominant role. Or at least we will try to do this.”

Andrea Ratto

Andrea Ratto is an Italian photographer based in A Coruña, Spain. He has carried out several personal projects, including Europa 2017 and Lavapiés 2018.
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swimming pool with turquoise water, red and white tiles and green plants


Robin Bell spent two years taking photos of this pool in Los Angeles to understand what the city represented for him.

red and green plastic chairs at the beginning of the night


Chris Harrison initially didn’t intend to depict Brighton, but in the end, he shares his vision of the city where he resides.

woman with curlers on her head, portrayed against the light

CUBA 2012

The 2012 work on Cuba by Gabi Ben Avraham has always struck me as brilliant and deserves to be remembered.


Orna Naor a humanist photographer with an exceptional sensitivity.

decorated with colored houses in the middle of the snow


Gregor Sailer introduces us to the absurd world of fakes, copies and stage sets in the services of politics and economy in Europe, USA, China and Russia

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