The photographs of the Italian Giuseppe Perretta live between a physical and emotional landscape.

His are images full of melancholy that have captivated me at first sight.

I had the pleasure of personally selecting the photos presented here and along the way I got to know his work better, a fascinating journey through the Italian landscape.

Q What inspired you to start photographing?

A I was about fifteen years old when a dear uncle of mine gave me a camera, a Praktica MTL 5B (which I still own) and from that moment on I had a lot of fun. The main object was architecture, but it didn’t last long because, distracted and involved in other activities (sports and music), I abandoned photography. I started to become passionate about it again at the end of the 90s and since then I have been photographing with a certain assiduity.

When I saw your photos I immediately decided that I had to publish an article with your work because yours are images that are the result of observation and that make the viewer reflect. I would say that it seems that the photographer enjoyed taking these photos, right?

I observe a lot and try to get in tune with the place, to read it through the sensations of the moment and those induced by the place itself. A sort of exchange between the two landscapes, emotional and physical. I perceive the images as encounters, visual intuitions that reveal themselves during my solitary wanderings, almost always in my surroundings.

Q Your photos mainly feature landscapes, sometimes melancholic, and few people. Is it something studied or simply a coincidence, perhaps the result of your moods?

I believe melancholy is induced by a constant that I try to represent, that is, a silent background, a space in which one enters into a relationship through one’s own subjectivity.

How much of yourself do you think is reflected in the photos you take?

A I think I am rather reflected in my photos, the subjective component is predominant.

How often do you go out to photograph and what are the places you usually visit with your camera?

I take photographs often, I almost have a physical need for it. I return to the same places, which change as my gaze changes and I continue to be surprised by the many combinations that reveal themselves just beyond the “visible”.

Q If you had to name some photographers that you like and who have inspired you, who would they be?

A Among the photographers I particularly love there is undoubtedly Luigi Ghirri whose idea of ​​landscape I love. Perhaps he is the only one whose entire photographic body I appreciate almost. I don’t know if we can speak of inspiration, but there is no doubt that his language is familiar to me.

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