Valerie Six Louis’ photos make our minds travel as if they were movie scenes. In the author’s own words the complete description of this intriguing series:

“As far as I can remember, my life has always been filled with dreams.

As a child, to escape the boredom of extracurricular hours and weekends without activities, I would spend hours lying on my bed, flying over distant landscapes, exploring the remains of ancient civilizations, discovering other rites, other cultures, visiting extraordinary homes, playing the piano, or joyfully swaying to the rhythm of modern-jazz tunes…

Although my parents – and family more generally – had artistic knowledge and skills acquired in their youth, we almost never went to the cinema or the theater. Going to the cinema, once or twice a year, was like an event! And I owe my rare museum visits to my paternal grandmother, who was very passionate about art, and whose father whom I didn’t have the chance to know, was a talented photographer and musician!

In the absence of cultural outings or other activities, it was in my head that the stories were played out, and on the ceiling of my room that my thoughts were projected – my inner ‘home cinema’.

These interior films which nourished my imagination as a child largely explain, I think, my need today to be outside to feel the hustle and bustle of the city, vibrate to its colors and lights, and constantly search for scenes which surprise me, move me, or make me dream.

Moments also which are no longer the sole product of my imagination, but that of an interaction between an ephemeral scenography captured by my eye and a singular story told by passers-by: an open-air ‘Hom(m)e cinema’*.

* ‘Homme’ has a double meaning in French: ‘Man’ or, as in this context, ‘humans’ in general.”

About Valérie Six Louis

Born in the north of France where I grew up, I have gradually moved to the South of France where I now live.

In 2012, after working for many years as a consultant in connection with China, then with the creative industries, I bought my first camera: a revelation quickly leading me on the path of workshops with renowned photographers, followed by a training at the Gobelins school of images in Paris, and finally to street photography.

Since then, I’ve never stopped walking the streets in search of the right light and setting to compose enigmatic, pictural or emotional scenes.

Winner or finalist of numerous awards -among which WomenStreetPhotographers’ first artist residency and solo exhibition in NYC- my images have been exhibited around the world and published in numerous print and online magazines, or photo books

In 2021, I joined Little box Collective, a collective of photographers from different regions of the globe that aim to expand the tradition of candid street photography while encouraging diverse styles and working methods, thus enlarging our understanding of the genre.

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Valérie Six Louis’ photos make our minds travel as if they were movie scenes.

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