girl on a balcony in front of the sea with a vertical billboard of Hotel in red


Alfredo Oliva Delgado is not just a great photographer. His texts on how we perceive and act on photography have been a reference for many, including myself.

In this series, the protagonists are the memories of the emotions experienced in some of the hotel rooms that he has visited.

“”Hotel Stories” is a series of images taken in those moments of serenity that hotel rooms give us. Moments that break the hustle and bustle of the journey and favour a state of mind that enables a more attentive look and more connected with our inner self. Intimate contexts in which time passes slowly and when ideas are incubated and visions are woven. Some hotels predispose us in a special way to this inner contemplation through their lights, colours and atmospheres. They are hotel rooms that invite us to take the camera and capture banal scenes so that they disclose the beauty they hide.

This is not a planned serie of images conceived as a visual support for any intellectualised discourse or one that tries to make the viewer think deeply, but rather simple images with which I want to share with the viewer the emotion I experienced in different places and moments.”

pareja andando abrazados en una callejuela de noche
entrance of an old hotel with wooden door, painting with an airplane and sitting person reading
Girl sitting on the bed in yellow t-shirt collecting her hair
television with a reflected lamp on and behind it a girl sitting on the toilet
man reflected in a television screen at night
nightgown and underwear hanging on a wall
girl on a balcony in front of the sea with a vertical billboard of Hotel in red
yellow t-shirt hanging on a balcony of a hotel in front of the sea
man in front of a window in a backlit hotel room
window above a bed, outside green plants
corridor of a hotel with a chair with white bedding
billboard writing Hotel in vertical with white clothes hanging in front
desk chair and hotel bed in front of a window with a view of a big city at sunset
Self-portrait of a couple reflected in the backlit mirror
night street with hotel and motel neons and person walking alone
hotel window with a view of the metropolis and reflections of the interior of the room with a raised leg in evidence

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