Miguel Angel Blanco composes his images with the light, colors and geometries that his eyes are able to see.

When I saw his photos for the first time I thought about starting to compose without people: at that time I was very involved in pure street photography and I appreciated Miguel Ángel’s urban compositions in an unexpected way.

Q When and why did you start photographing? What does photography represent in your life?

I have always been interested in photography. My first steps were with analog cameras in the late 1990s, but I only really dedicated time and effort to it from 2011 onwards.

For me, photography is, above all, a moment to enjoy. Enjoy the company, the trip, the path I travel, the Light and shadow, the colors, the curious moments that happen in front of the lens.

Q What are you looking for when you take a photo? In other words: When do you think a photo is good?

For my photography I always try to find that moment when light, color and shapes catch my eye’s attention. Sometimes I bring a camera and shoot, and other times I take a mental photo. And I think a photo is good when what you have imagined meets your expectations.

Do you usually spend a lot of time taking each photo?

With practice, I have managed to “see photo” quickly. It depends on the subject to be photographed, sometimes I can take several shots from different angles, and other times a single shot is enough for me.

Which photographers have been your reference when you started?

When I started taking photos I liked many documentary filmmakers (Capa, Catalá-Roca, Koudelka, García Rodero, Masats, etc.) later I discovered Stephen Shore and Luigi Ghirri who are two fundamental references for me.

Tell us about the series “Elementales”

A “Elementales” is a series divided into five chapters. They are minimalist urban landscapes where Light, color and geometry come together to form a moment of balance.

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